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Any trip to New York City is just not complete without seeing a play, therefore Broadway theater tickets are a must have for any visitor. There are approximately 40 shows that are performed on Broadway. These shows include a variety of different styles and topics from musicals to non-musicals to special performances. In addition, there are also numerous plays and musicals that are located "Off Broadway." Shows that are located "Off Broadway" are located at theaters throughout the city.

Pricing Broadway Theater Tickets

When you are purchasing Broadway theater tickets, you should keep in mind that the price depends largely on a couple of different things. First, the price of the ticket depends on the show that you are watching. If the show is or is predicted to become a large success, if it features a famous Broadway actor or actress, or if it features a famous actor or actress from the movies, like Denzel Washington in "Julius Ceaser", you can expect the ticket prices to be a little higher than other shows. In addition, shows that have been on Broadway for an extended period of time are more likely to have higher priced tickets. As an alternative to this, shows that are "Off Broadway" are generally a little less expensive. In many cases these shows are ones that are extremely new and will eventually be featured on Broadway.

The largest element that factors into how much your Broadway tickets will cost you is where in the theater you would like to sit. While it is safe to say that in the theater, there are no bad seats, the closer to the stage that you want to sit, the more money your tickets will cost you. One last thing that you should remember when ordering Broadway tickets is that you should always reserve your tickets well in advance of your visit. Most Broadway shows sell out of tickets, with the very popular shows doing so well in advance of the performance date.

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