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If you are a huge basketball fan, or know someone who is, there is no better gift for yourself or the other person than Boston Celtics tickets. There are many different options available to you if you are interested in purchasing Celtics tickets. These options include courtside tickets, full season tickets, half season tickets, and individual game tickets.

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As with other teams and events, individual Boston Celtics tickets range in price from approximately 10 dollars to 250 dollars depending on where in the stadium you would like to sit. There are no bad seats, however the closer you get to the court the more expensive the ticket will be. Purchasing individual game tickets is wise if you are only interested in attending one or two games, but if you are looking to see more basketball than that you should look into one of the other options.

Courtside tickets, full season tickets, and half season tickets all include extra incentives for the patrons that purchase them. All three of these ticket packages allow you to attend one open practice per year and have a monthly conference call with Basketball Operations. In addition you get a guarenteed seat location for all home games and playoff games, the ability to purcahse additional individual game tickets before the general public can purchase them, an invitation to the Celtics summer barbeque, and a copy of Celtics Official Media Guide. The full season tickets offer, in addition to the benefits just stated, tickets to two sessions of the Summer League, two free lower level seats to two games, and an authentic Paul Pierce jersey. The courtside tickets are the most expensive and offer the most benefits. In addition to all of the benefits listed for the other two packages, this package includes four free lower level seats to two games, an invitation to a post practice autograph session, behind the scences access to a draft night, an autographed basketball from the team, and free first round playoff ticket for each courtside season ticket purchased.

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